Tough Problems

Our business is trading, and we believe that it is an engineering problem. Plus Wealth makes markets in the most competitive capital markets in the world. The Indian markets are geographically dispersed, highly fragmented, and evolving every day.

We process massive amounts of data in real time, valuate complex derivatives while automating purchasing decisions. Solving these problems requires a heavy investment in technology. Evolving our software for dynamic markets presents us with an ongoing challenge that puts our diverse and talented engineering team to the test every single day.

Moving Quickly

The size and complexity of our problems requires us to build our own solutions. We deploy new ideas and develop existing products quickly. Plus Wealth’s engineers release code within the first couple weeks of joining the team. Since the markets provide rapid feedback to innovations, deploying code on a platform of our size is an incredibly rewarding experience.



Plus Wealth is a proprietary trading firm active in multiple markets including cash equities, options, and futures. We have grown from a small group of 5 individuals in 2008 to a team of professionals working in technology, equity research, quantitative and trading jobs. We proudly distinguish ourselves through our world class trading technology...